Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are a mechanism that temporarily records and stores, on your computer, data on your usage history, entries, etc. sent and received between the browser and the server while you use web pages.

Intended Use of Cookies

On this site, cookies are used for the following purposes:

  1.     To obtain information on access to this site and to distribute ads based on such information.
        Note: The Company uses behavioral targeting advertisement (i.e., an advertising method that distributes ads according to users’ interests and preferences based on information on their access to sites) provided by ad serving agencies, including Google. In this usage, ad serving agencies use cookies for the above purpose. The information used by the ad serving agencies does not contain any information that would disclose personal information on users.

Users may refuse cookies sent from this site by configuring their browsers, in which case part of the services provided by this site may not be available.
Users who wish to inactivate the ads may access the opt-out pages of ad serving agencies to inactivate cookies.
Users must re-configure their browsers to change their browsers, delete cookies, switch to a new PC, or do other similar action.
Users may choose settings on ad opt-out pages so that cookies of Yahoo! or Google will not be used (users may also inactivate the use of cookies of third-party ad serving agencies on the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page).
If users have not opted out, cookies of Yahoo! and Google, as well as other third-party ad serving agencies or ad networks, may be used.
On the Network Advertising Initiative’s website, users may inactivate certain (but not all) cookies altogether.

The URLs of the opt-out pages are as follows:

Yahoo!’s opt-out page:

Google’s opt-out page:

The Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page:

Criteo’s opt-out page:

The Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page: