Software Testing

Connecting content to systems
via agile validation

Product Quality Improvement On Both the Content and System Sides

We conduct tests on software and business systems in order to boost product quality. We can handle everything from test design to execution, management and reporting. All test processes can be performed using the format that best fits the client’s needs, either on-site, contract or outsource. Furthermore, we can leverage the experience we have cultivated in the games industry to utilize content creation and video analysis technology to make quality improvement proposals on the content-side as well.

01 Team of Experts Skilled at Handling Large Amounts of Data

We are highly adept at data processing for content such as videos or 3DCG artwork. Our technology allows us to rapidly process content composed of large amounts of data.

02 Validation Tests Covering Both Functionality and Usability

We maintain objectivity when performing tests by utilizing both program functionality evaluations as well as user experience evaluations informed by our work in game debugging.

03 Verified “Gold Partner” in the ISTQB Partner Program

We have been verified as a Gold Partner by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board’s Partner Program.

Use Cases


Software to allow high-speed cameras to be controlled from PCs

Company Name
Company A
Type / Industry
Development, manufacturing and sales of high-speed cameras and image processing systems
・Test environment: PC
・Test design, test item list creation
・Full functionality testing


Application for viewing video being livestreamed

Company Name
Company B
Type / Industry
Development and distribution of apps for viewing video
・Test environment: smartphone, PC
・Basic functionality checking for the entire app (video viewing, comment posting, viewing restrictions, etc.)
・Server-based elements checking (logs, maintenance aspects, content, etc.) 
・Creation of test item list from the specification documents 
・Checking performed on PC, Android/iOS and other devices based on the test item list
・Fix checking, bug investigation and validation, bug reporting
・Ad hoc testing, post-fix checking, start-to-finish testing, multi-device testing (120 devices used)
・Performance checking, software aging
・Data transmission fee monitoring
・Usability testing


Healthy Eating App

Company Name
Company C
Type / Industry
Application development and distribution
・Test environment: smartphone, tablet
・Creation of test item list
・Validation testing on all functionality 
・Display validation (layout stability, etc.)
・Checking text for typos or inconsistencies
・Text input box validation checking
・Multi-device operation validation