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We can handle everything from photography and video production all the way to impact measurement

We can produce content such as photographs of people and products or videos in the places and at the times your business most needs them. Additionally, we can analyze the collected data to propose the most effective solutions. We provide high quality content at low cost with fast turnaround to serve as your marketing tools.

01 A Nationwide Network of Over 1,500 Professional Camerapeople

We have contracts with professional camerapeople across all 47 Japanese prefectures. This allows us to rapidly deploy local professionals to manage and support your projects.

02 Everything From Schedule Management to Quality Control, All in One Place

We arrange over 1,300 shoots every month, which includes managing the communication with the cameraperson and ensuring they understand the specifics of the shooting request. You can even ask us to conduct simultaneous shoots around the country for particularly big projects.

03 Over 80% Repeat Rate Within 3 Years For Major Projects

We deliver consistently high quality products with very quick turnarounds. In addition, we can produce additional content such as videos or 3D data from the photographs we take. We can also propose improvements to the content based on analysis of streamed video and viewership data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Please tell me how much your services cost and how much time you need to produce the deliverables.

Please use our Estimate/Request Form and upload the raw data to the Upload Screen that will appear as you progress through the form. After reviewing the data, we will get back to you with a price and estimated delivery date.

Q2.Do on-location shoots cost extra?

We do not have base charges, charges to reserve the cameraperson’s time or on-location charges. We hire a local cameraperson, so you will only be asked to pay transportation costs.

Q3.What are cuts?

A cut is not one snap of the shutter. If photographs are taken of the same subject in the same position, regardless of whether the subject changes expressions or poses, they are all considered 1 cut. However, if the subject or the camera changes positions, or if the lighting is adjusted, the subsequent photographs are part of a separate cut.

Q4.Where are your photography studios?

We have one studio in Central Tokyo and another in Osaka.

Q5.What is the minimum amount and cost for your image clipping service?

There is no minimum amount or cost. We can complete one single clipping job for 198 JPY (including tax). Feel free to request whatever you need whenever you need it.

Q6.Are you always able to complete trace work within 2 business days?

We will do our best to meet your requested delivery date, but the amount of time required could change depending on the number of files and the difficulty of the tracework. Upon reviewing the raw data, we will respond with an estimate that includes the official delivery date and price. If you agree to the terms presented, we will commence work.

Q7.Can we request image extraction and retouching?

We do not handle image extraction. Please prepare the image for us before submitting the request.

Available across Japan

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