Our Strengths

Creating New Worlds By Supporting All Phases of Production


Rapid deployment of necessary work structures, including on-site and in-house solutions

We provide rapid support using the format that best befits the client’s needs, be it on-site, contract, or outsource work. Thanks to our many years of experience in game industry staffing, we are quick to understand each workplace’s unique style and method, enabling us to support and enhance them.


Proposal-based production support boasting consistent quality

Our team members leverage their extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of game creation to provide comprehensive game production support without becoming siloed in one particular area. This allows us to improve efficiency and quality in one fell swoop.


Management skills forged on the frontlines of game production

We have a strong reputation among our clients for both our operational methods refined on countless production workfloors and the superior management we can provide to accelerate development. We can reduce your management costs by handling tasks such as scheduling, work assignments and more.


Taking Game Experiences to the Next Level with the Full Power of the IMAGICA GROUP

IMAGICA GEEQ is a member of the IMAGICA GROUP, an organization with a long and storied history in the imaging industry. By leveraging the Group’s content planning capabilities honed in movies and advertisements as well as its cutting edge image creation technologies, we can raise your users’ game experiences to even greater heights.


Support Available Regardless of Field or Production Phase

Non-Gaming Industry Solutions Also Provided

Filming, Video Production, Video Analysis Services

We provide photography and filming services at minimal cost to enhance your business. These include everything from photographs for product catalogs to videos on corporate websites, all created swiftly, at low cost and at the highest quality.

Software Testing

We have established our own testing methodology based on the expertise we have cultivated in the video game and imaging technology fields. We are particularly adept at validating systems by analyzing visual data.