Service Overview

From concepting to game design, we provide comprehensive development support for your projects, be they new titles or additional content. We will be your constant partner as you strive for continuous content creation. With game development projects growing ever larger, project planning and oversight have become increasingly important. Our staff are all experienced veterans of major projects, and their superior management is what sets us apart from the rest. Just let us know what you need.



Support from Planning to Promotion

We provide comprehensive game production support, covering all processes from planning, production and development to localization and QA. Our deep understanding of the game industry informs every aspect of our project management, allowing us to maintain consistently high quality. Our interdisciplinary approach to projects prevents individual processes from becoming siloed and ensures the smooth development of a superior product.


Available for All Genres and Platforms

We have contributed to the planning and production of projects spanning a multitude of genres and platforms. From home consoles to arcade cabinets and from social games to mobile games, we provide planning services for a diverse array of games in order to meet the needs of our customers. Our company’s strength is its ability to condense and crystallize our extensive experience and knowledge of game production to bring form to your vision.


Broad Support Powered by the IMAGICA GROUP

We are a member of the IMAGICA GROUP, which has a long and storied history in the movie industry. By leveraging our planning capacity and cutting edge image creation technology honed in movies and advertisements, we can raise our users’ game experiences to ever greater heights. We can also use our vast entertainment network to build partnerships with famous creators and artists.

Service Offerings

  • Concepting
  • Character development
  • Game design
  • Scenario writing
  • Project oversight