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Global Gaming Service Company


Our services mainly include 3D art works for both low-end and high-end game production, 2DCG including art and illustration, debugging and user testing for both mobile and consumer consoles, and outsourcing. In addition, our experienced staff provides solid support for your projects, including still photography and video production with various applications, as well as recruitment, hiring, dispatching, and introduction of human resources.

3DCG Services

3DCG Studio

2DCG / Illustration Services

2DCG / Illustration Studio

QA Services

Debugging, Quality Assurance, User Testing

Filming, Video Production, Video Analysis Services

Still photography, video production, video analysis, company PR material production, product photography, creation of visuals for websites, etc.

Business Production

Consultation on CG production outside our 3DCG and 2DCG studios as well as business production with external partners

Staffing Services (Japan only)

Temporary staffing and placement services specializing in the games industry

Please feel free to contact us
even if your request is not yet finalized.

For each project, we will propose a team structure and a way of proceeding
that is suitable for smooth, high-quality game production.