Service Overview

We work together with our partners within the IMAGICA GROUP to support you from initial promotional planning all the way to creative production and final execution. We have teams and studios in-house that handle video and creative production, and we are happy to accept requests covering everything from planning to production and deployment. In particular, our digital marketing partner IMAGICA IRIS has extensive experience creating and distributing advertisements for game apps. Our support allows your title to reach a far larger number of users.



Creative Production Support from Our In-House Studios

IMAGICA GEEQ is a member of the IMAGICA GROUP, which has its own creative production teams and proprietary studios, allowing us to create a vast array of creative materials in-house. These include videos, graphics and animation. Our studios have work structures in place to produce top quality content as efficiently as possible. This allows us to be both flexible and quick as we deliver the promotional materials that fit your needs.


Advertisement and Web Content: Proposals from Production to Deployment

We support you from initial strategy to final execution, putting together proposals covering everything from advertisement and web content creation to actual deployment. By handling all aspects of promotion, we reduce our clients’ management costs and enable promotional activities that consistently message the title’s unique appeal.


Powered by IMAGICA GROUP’s Visual Technology and Robust Network

Only IMAGICA GROUP, which has pursued visual excellence for decades, can provide this level of visual diversity and creative quality. With expertise in planning cultivated by years in the film and advertising industry as well as the latest in visual production technology, we dramatically broaden business opportunities for our clients. We can even use our vast network of contacts in the entertainment industry for tie-ups and casting opportunities.

Service Menu

  • Advertisement deployment
  • Campaign planning
  • Video creation
  • SNS management
  • Influencer promotion
  • LP production

Work Example


ROAS 36% (3 days), CPA 680 JPY, CVR 7.5%

Company Name
Company A
Type / Industry
Game app
Advertisement creation, video production, advertisement media
・Advertisement creation, video production and advertisement deployment
・Advertisement media: Google app campaign, Facebook, X, Apple Search Ads
・KPI: New app installs
・ROAS 36% (3 days), CPA 680 JPY, CVR 7.5%