Art Production

Wide Portfolio of Contributions to Countless Major Titles Thorough Quality Management Ensures the Highest Quality Assets


One of the biggest operations in Japan with over 350 designers

We can handle a wide range of projects, large and small. We can also accommodate mid-project adjustments, such as phased increases in staff, as required by the project. Just let us know what you need.


Workflows ensuring reliably high quality assets

Quality is maintained by experienced designers who go on to mentor newer designers, ensuring all our deliverables meet our exacting standards.


Project managers with extensive design experience oversee projects

Our project managers have the knowhow to rapidly respond when unforeseen circumstances occur. Clients can feel confident entrusting work to us even if this is their first time outsourcing work.

Services Provided

3DCG Production (Modeling/Animation)

We produce real-time 3DCG artwork specialized for the gaming industry. A variety of work formats are available to best fit our clients’ needs, including having our designers work at our own studio, at the client’s workplace or from a remote work environment. Our project managers have many years of experience working as 3DCG designers themselves, and they stay in close contact with the client over the course of the project to discuss proposals and other ideas.

2DCG Production (Avatars/Illustrations)

We create all manner of 2DCG designs, from characters and illustrations to outfits and fashion items for avatars. Our designers and illustrators, all from varied backgrounds, are led by seasoned art directors. With social games as our focus, we can accommodate production for a vast range of tastes and genres.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How much advance notice do you need before you can start a project?

As a general rule, we usually need around 6 months advance notice to start on a 3DCG project and 3 months advance notice for a 2DCG project. That being said, we may be able to begin production on a shorter timescale, so always feel free to consult us if you have a project.

Q2.I would like to request 3D modeling. Can we ask you to handle everything from the initial design onward?

Yes. Regardless of whether the work is 2D or 3D, we can create design proposals as well.

Q3.Is it possible to have phased increases in staff over the course of a project?

Yes, we can accommodate that. For example, we could start with a small team at the beginning of production and then scale into a much larger team once you enter the mass production phase.