QA / Testing

Why Outsource Game Debugging?
  • Test on a wide variety of devices and OSs
  • Secure the resources needed to maintain your release schedule
  • Design the test items needed to meet your testing goals
  • Utilize our expertise to achieve your target bug discovery count and percentage
  • Propose test items and actions in-game that developers could not foresee

90+% Repeat Rate: Protect Your Game’s Quality By Identifying Even the Rarest Bugs


All Necessary Devices and OSs Available

We have over 2,000 devices, allowing us to perform tests on many different devices and OSs. Use of our devices for testing is free. We have over 600 testers across our 3 testing studios in Japan, so we can make flexible adjustments to staffing numbers and schedules in emergencies. We can also have our staff work on-site.


The Best Testers for the Project

We form teams with the people who are best suited to handle particular titles and test content. With their deep understanding of the title’s world and scenario, our experienced team members can discover and flag inconsistencies that may not have been included among the test items. We can also provide proposals for fixes and risk assessments.


Rapid Testing Means Lower Costs

In addition to standardized testing support tools, we also develop tools and systems customized to our clients’ needs, enabling us to conduct tests more efficiently. Beyond measures to automate and accelerate testing, we can be flexible regarding the number of man-days for each request, allowing us to better optimize your costs.


Many JSTQB-Certified Test Engineers

We have been certified as a Gold Partner by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, an international organization that evaluates software testing organizations. We strongly encourage our test engineers to receive certification from the Japanese Software Testing Qualifications Board because we know it leads to improvement in both the quality and technical aspects of testing. We will share our testers’ skill sheets with you before testing begins.

Services Provided

Game Debugging and Testing

  • Guideline checks (TOS review)
  • Testing for alpha, beta and pre-release builds
  • Testing for post-release events, etc.
  • Variation checks on different devices and OSs
  • System checks (including microtransactions)

We conduct debugging and testing for a wide variety of games, including social game apps, console games and arcade cabinets. Our experienced engineers can even design the tests for you. As we have developer contracts with major hardware manufacturers, we can acquire updated guidelines and make development inquiries at the source. We provide consistent, quality service while reducing your hassle. 

*We are always adding new devices!

Monitoring Services

  • Usability checks
  • Scenario checks
  • Content review
  • Closed-beta tests (using TestFlight)
  • Focus tests

Through our test plays, we gather information from the user perspective and analyze it. We provide feedback from different points of view depending on the phase of production, including pre-implementation, alpha, beta and even post-release. Team members are selected based on their membership in the target audience as well as the skills and experience requested by the client, thus ensuring our feedback is always of high quality. We tailor our questions to the game’s content and development status to allow for higher level analysis.

Development Support

  • Specification write-up support
  • Data entry
  • Level design
  • Parameter checking
  • Link checks

We can provide comprehensive support in all areas related to the debugging process, including specification write-ups, data entry, level design and parameter checking. As our company handles services covering all aspects of game production, we are very familiar with the overall flow and individual stages of production. This allows us to proactively proceed with work even without direct instruction and perform even the most specific of tasks as part of our services.


We can also provide localization and translation support services. Please refer to the following page for details.


Game Debugging and Testing Workflow

Team Formation

All of our leaders are experienced veterans who manage their teams so as to ensure independence and superior quality in all of our services. Our rapid response times have been particularly lauded, so you need not worry about any communication lapses.


For the technical aspects of testing, our engineers visit your company and familiarize themselves with your project. We aim for comprehensive and transparent information sharing to alleviate any potential concerns ahead of time.

Test Design and Planning

We design the necessary test items based on the requested functionality and requirements. We can also conduct pinpoint tests that can fit within budget constraints.

Test Execution and Bug Fixing

Our testers play through the game and validate each test item. We also perform ad hoc functionality checks in order to identify bugs which may not be covered by the original test plan.

Final Report

We provide the final deliverables, including test results, bug reports, test cases, etc.

Game and Software Testing R&D

In order to achieve even greater efficiency and quality, we are continuously working to create our own in-house systems and develop our own automation tools.

Text Proofreading Tool

During tests, this tool uses text proofreading rules to check whether characters refer to each other by their names, nicknames, etc. consistently.

Smartphone Use Automation

This is software that controls games and apps without requiring the tester to write code. This boosts efficiency when testing repetitive actions.


Over 2,000 Business Clients; Over 20,000 Projects Completed

We can handle content from any industry or genre.

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