Service Overview

Be it console, mobile or arcade, we can support any platform and any phase of development with proposals perfect for your project based on our years of experience. On the client side, we offer both in-game and out-of-game development solutions, systems design, and platform-based performance optimization, all with the appropriate man-power for your project’s scope. On the server side, we select for you the best server frameworks and clouds, design databases, and develop APIs. Our measures to distribute server load work well for even those implementations requiring highly technical solutions such as real time online PvP titles and MMORPGs.



Concrete Plans Spanning Planning & Development to Release

We can handle everything from initial game proposals to development and operations, always keeping budget and timeframe in mind as we consider the game content. We have contributed to a multitude of games that leverage the appeal of existing IP. We have art and technical directors in-house, allowing us to develop more efficiently without sacrificing quality.


Extensive Development Experience Across Many Platforms

Though home console platform technology remains our base, we have experience developing on many different kinds of hardware including smartphones and PCs. We have done extensive work using not only the major game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine but also others such as cocos-2dx, BEZEL ENGINE and PhyreEngine.


Multilingual Releases and Remasters

We provide the support you need for truly global releases, including expanding to multiple platforms from Steam and launching in new languages and regions. Many of our staff have experience with older hardware, as well, giving them the understanding they need to produce quality remasters and remakes.