IMAGICA GEEQ and Universally Speaking Have Formed a Business Alliance to Expand Their Service Offerings Toward the Global Gaming Market

IMAGICA GEEQ has signed a business alliance agreement with Universally Speaking, a UK-based game services provider focused on localization and QA.

■Purpose of the Business Alliance

IMAGICA GEEQ was established and began operations in April 2023 to serve as one of the pillars of parent company IMAGICA GROUP Inc.’s business growth in the gaming-related services industry as outlined in the group’s mid-term plan. Since even before the company’s founding, IMAGICA GEEQ and its former constituent companies have provided a multitude of services, including 3DCG and 2DCG art production, game and software testing, visual production and staffing of creatives, to some of the largest game publishers in Japan and countless other clients.

Universally Speaking, for its part, was founded in 2002 and has since then provided services such as localization, QA, audio and player support to the global gaming industry. The superior quality of its work and its proven track record in the fields of game localization and QA have garnered it nominations for Best QA & Localization Provider at the Mobile Games Awards year after year.

IMAGICA GEEQ formed this strategic business alliance with Universally Speaking in the midst of dramatic growth in the global gaming market. By complementing each other’s strengths, IMAGICA GEEQ aims to realize its goal of providing end-to-end services covering the entirety of the global gaming value chain to game businesses around the world.

IMAGICA GEEQ’s business alliance with Universally Speaking will serve as the foundation for future growth, with a particular eye toward building its localization and QA business as well as expanding its gaming value chain globally. In this way, IMAGICA GEEQ will continue to “Exceed Expectations” as it creates value through the top quality end-to-end gaming services its clients trust.