IMAGICA GEEQ Hosted Its First Booth at GDC2024, One of the World’s Largest Conferences for Game Developers

IMAGICA GEEQ Inc. hosted a booth at Game Developers Conference 2024 (GDC) together with its partner Universally Speaking, a gaming service provider focused on localization and QA, from March 18 to March 22, 2024 local time.

GDC, held yearly in San Francisco, USA, is one of the world’s largest conferences centered on developers in the gaming industry. This was the 36th time the event was held.

 GDC decorations could be seen throughout San Francisco, where the event was held

IMAGICA GEEQ staff attended the conference in person and were immediately hit by the scale of the event. Over 500 companies hosted booths in multiple massive convention halls where gaming industry professionals gathered. The lineup was diverse, with over a thousand speakers conducting approximately 730 sessions and workshops, not to mention countless networking events.

People gathered from across the gaming industry and around the world

IMAGICA GEEQ carried its mission to “Exceed Expectations” as a global gaming service company with it as it attended its first ever GDC.

GEEQ has endeavored to achieve that mission in multiple ways in the recent months, including signing a business alliance with Universally Speaking in January 2024 and bringing the developer appci corporation, known for its high-quality family-friendly games, into the IMAGICA fold. These moves further enhanced its high-quality end-to-end (E2E)* service offering to the global game production market.

*End-to-end in this case refers to all phases of the game production process, from concepting/planning and project inception all the way until post-release marketing and marketing strategy.

IMAGICA GEEQ’s global E2E services for game production

The goal of IMAGICA GEEQ’s participation in GDC together with Universally Speaking was to showcase the global E2E services IMAGICA GEEQ offers to the broader gaming industry and to further develop connections with gaming industry professionals across national borders.

Photograph of the IMAGICA GEEQ and Universally Speaking booth at GDC.
The back panel highlights the global E2E services on offer.

The local response was very positive. People who visited the booth asked questions about Tokyo-based IMAGICA GEEQ’s global business model, service process and organizational structure, while others wanted to know more about GEEQ’s localization, QA and CG production services. Many visitors had concrete projects in mind as they discussed ways GEEQ could help support their production.

Looking back over the five days of the event, IMAGICA GEEQ is very proud to have had the opportunity to take part in one of the world’s great gaming events in only its second year of business. At the same time, its staff knows that they still have much to do as they introduce GEEQ and its services to the wider world.

IMAGICA GEEQ will continue to bolster its global E2E offerings and expand its business using cutting-edge services and ideas to build its brand recognition around the world.

Group Photo of the IMAGICA GEEQ and Universally Speaking Staff